Give to the Grange

Double Duty Donations! Support the Grange $10,000 Match.

In 1916, members of Grange Chapter 954 built this hall to support their efforts to advance better agricultural practices and the social and economic interests of farmers and rural residents. Over one hundred years later, with your generous support the Whallonsburg Grange Hall is full of life throughout the year.

You've watched movies, heard fantastic music, danced on the wooden floor, shared a meal, seen a play, learned something new, helped raise money for families in need. All of this in a building restored by volunteers, organized by people in the community, and funded by friends like you. The spirit of the original Grangers is alive and well right here.

Between now and the end of 2017, your donation will be matched by a generous grant. If we can raise $10,000 through this Appeal, it will become $20,000. This will help pay for a full-time Grange manager, air-conditioning for the building, upgraded lighting and a new dining room floor. Plus all the programs, events, and activities that you can count on in the coming year.

Please give as much as you can and know that you are really giving twice as much!

Every dollar helps. Send your donation by check to:
Whallonsburg Civic Association (WCA)
PO Box 54
Essex, NY 12936
You can also make a secure financial donation right here,
through PayPal, by clicking the button:

And volunteering is easy, too. Email Kate Ritter, Grange manager, at and she will help you get involved.
If you have a specific idea about how you'd like to do that — events, construction projects, office support, in the kitchen, or anything else— let us know.

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