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Leaving a Trace: Humans in the Adirondacks

SPECIAL DAY AND TIME! Sunday, October 29 at 3pm

The Fall Lyceum series WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA? presents the final lecture in our six-part series.

You've probably heard it before: "The Indians didn't live up here in the mountains." Some say it's because it was too cold for them, or they were too fearful of spirits, or the soils were too poor.  A growing body of evidence now shows that those claims are false, and that human roots run deeper in the Adirondacks than those of the forest itself.  Come to the Lyceum to find out more about that evidence, efforts to update the old narrative, and what it all means for the Adirondacks.


Speaker: Curt Stager is a climate scientist, educator, and author whose research deals with the ecological histories of lakes in Africa and North America.  His research is published in prominent journals including Science and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and his writings have also appeared in periodicals such as National Geographic and The New York Times.  Since 1989, he has co-hosted Natural Selections, a weekly science program on North Country Public Radio.   Curt is the author of three books, including  "Deep Future," which has been called "the definitive work on global warming"  He holds the Draper-Lussi endowed Chair in Climate and Lake Ecology at Paul Smith's College and is a research associate with the University of Maine's Climate Change Institute.  In 2013, the Carnegie-Case Foundations named him Science Professor of the Year for New York State.  In his spare time, he has also been known to subject people to his banjo and guitar playing.

$5 / students free.

Indian Village, Adirondacks (Winslow Homer, 1894)

Indian Village, Adirondacks (Winslow Homer, 1894)

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